Free Live Steam For The Chinese 8 Ball World Championships 
( In Progress Now )

Just click on one of the two arrows to choose the match

Thorsten is on the bottom arrow now

Mens Chinese 8 Ball Stage 2 
International Men ( 32 Players ) 
Double Elimination Race to 9 
March 13th 8 30 AM & 11 AM China Time

Draw Link ( International Men 32 )

Draw Link ( Chinese Men 32 players )

Jayson Shaw (GBR)
Steven A Martin (GBR)

Mohammad Ali Pordeliri (IRI)
Darren L Appleton (GBR

Mark Williams (GBR)
Radoslam A Babica (POL)

Steven Petty (GBR
Jack Whelan (GBR)

Mike Dechaine (USA)
Lee Vann Corteza

Brandon Shuff (USA)
Cheng Yu Hsuan (TPE)

Shi Hanqing (CHN)
Marlon Manalo (PHL)

Gareth Hibbott (GBR )
Antonio Lining (PHL)

Yang Ching Shun (TPE)
Joe Perry (GBR

Chang Jung Lin (TPE) 
Ko Pin Yi (TPE)

Ko Ping Chung (TPE)
Shane O'Hara (IRL)

Carlo Biado (PHL)
Clint Ianson (GBR)

Michael Hill(GBR)
Alex Pagulayan (CAN)

Wu Jia qing (CHN)
Arfan Dad (GBR)

ChangYu Lung (TPE)
Corey Deuel (USA)

Phone Myint Kyaw (MYA)
Chris Melling (GBR)


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