Dynamic Billiard Euro Tour - Italian Open 9 Ball

Congratulations to Ralf Souquet as he has just snapped off the opening Euro Tour of the year with a field of about 190 players including the likes of Jayson Shaw Albin Ouschan Shane VanBoening and a slew of other top professionals .

On the way to the title he defeated the likes of Ivar Saris Konstatin Stepanov Damianos Giallourakis Daryl Peach and Ruslan Chinahov in the finals .

Todays title marks Ralf 22nd on the Euro tour , Eight ahead of Oliver Ortmann and Twelve more then Niels Feijen

Draw & Results Link


Images courtesy of the EPBF

Top 4 
Ralf Souquet
Ruslan Chinahov
Daryl Peach / Denis Grabe



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