​Let’s get this bit out of the way:
I won the VA State 10 ball Championship this past weekend. It was amazing, I’m ecstatic, and so thankful to my fans and the people running it.
I am not writing this to brag, I promise.
I am writing to tell you about what changed for me this weekend. Cheryl Pritchard, a formidable player, took second this year, and nearly took the title out of my nervous, nervous hands. That was a major emotion in the finals for me and this is about how I found a work around for it (for me at least.)
First, let me tell you I wasn’t sure I wanted to drive down to Midlothian. My friends really had to twist my arm. It was a hefty entry fee ($125) plus hotel, gas, and food, and I haven’t been playing very much. Pool is a game of millimeters. It requires constant maintenance or your millimeters turn to inches (and inches lose.)  On top of that, the VA State 10 ball Championship is annual, this would be my third time here, and I hadn’t gone very far the other two times. It’s an event that tends to draw the top players in the whole region, and I had struggled with the endurance of grind matches the whole way. Playing 5 need-to-play-your-A-game matches is a lot tougher than playing 9 can-miss-a-couple matches... Click Here to read the rest of the story.


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