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The 5th Joy Cup Chinese 8 - Ball Masters Grand Final

Free Stream Link , from a PC or Laptop there is a translation option good luck all .

I will be at the venue doing live scoring as not all tables are streamed please remember FB is banned in China and im at the mercy of the wifi at the venue thank you all

matches start in about 2 hours

All players play 2 matches today , so at days end 16 players will have been eliminated .

Races to 13 or 140 minutes what ever comes first if tied a 8 ball spot shot sudden death will be played below are some options for stream links



Shoot!! I wonder why fb is banned in China, else it would have been easier for me to catch the glimpse of your show from there. Yet will wait for the streaming to be done, can not wait to watch.

01/23/2017 1:36am

I've never been to China before. I am sure this event was fantastic.


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