Kuwait Open 9 Ball Championship

Thank you Mohammad Saleh AlKhashawi for your gracious hospitality , it was my absolute pleasure to bring coverage of what I coined the " Jewel in the desert " , The Kuwait Open 9 Ball to the masses globally.

Even with some roadblocks and frustration along the way that so many were not aware of the on-goings happening behind close doors, you Sir overcame it all and put pool on the map in the Gulph as well showed the World that honest organizers with out greed do in fact exist.

I saw first hand how you have a tremendous passion, enthusiasm and respect for the game, fans and players.

Congratulations and I hope to see you again.

Thank you 
Christopher Clark



06/12/2017 4:46pm

What a complete explanation. Thank you very much for that.

06/19/2017 4:34pm

That will tell us how to react properly. Great idea!


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