World 14.1 Championships 
Kicks off in Forty-five minutes (11 AM)
Venue - Steinway Billiards

Will it be the Darren Appleton / Thorsten Hohmann show or will Shane VanBoening Mika Immonen or perhaps Jayson Shaw come through or will a long shot emerge to be crowned on September 11th, the road to victory starts today.

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Day 1: Race to 100 points 
11:00 AM Danny Harriman vs Tom Gleich - TV table
11:00 AM Dennis Orcullo vs Bob Jewett - Secondary TV table
12:30 PM John Schmidt vs Holden Chin - Main TV. 
12:30 PM n Thorsten Hohmann vs Sean C Morgan - Secondary TV table
2:00 PM Archer vs Scharbach - Main TV
2:00 PM Eckert vs Snodgrass- Secondary TV table
4:00 PM Strickland vs Levandaski- Main TV
4:00 PM S Morgan vs B Hunter- Secondary TV table
5:30 PM Appleton J Smith- Main TV
5:30 PM M Immonen vs G Ok - Secondary TV table
7:00 PM Shaw vs Barouty Main TV
7:00 PM D Harriman vs J. Rodriguez- Secondary TV table
8:30 PM T Hohmann vs B Hunter- Main TV
8:30 PM Strickland vs Orcullo - Secondary TV table

My coverage is Sponsored by Charlie Williams of Dragon Promotions and Manny Stamatakis of Steinway Billiards. Thank you both.



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