World 9-Ball (Day 3)

Photo Credit BO Bader

Thirty Two players have advanced to the last Sixty Four of the Single Knockout Stage and will all have a day off to relax and reflect upon their great accomplishment .

On the other hand Sixty Four players will all be in must win matches later today to stay alive otherwise half the field will join the other Thirty Two that have exited .

Here are the scheduled must win matches .

3 AM EDT August 1

M Berjadi vs J Young Hwa

Waleed Majid vs Mario He

Karol Skowerski vs Petri Makkonen

Francis Crevier vs Jeffrey Ignacio

Bruno Muratore vs M Almin

Darren Appleton vs O Al Shaheen

Daryl Peach vs Antonio Oacan Gabica

Roberto Gomez vs Cristopher Tevez

A Koshovoj vs L Chi Dung

Y Chin Shun vs John Morra

Jeffrey De Luna vs N Oi

Can Wang vs H Saeed Ali

Imran Majid vs I Nasution

Dennis Orcollo vs C Goetemann

K Juszczyszyn vs A Rahman Al

Justin Campbell vs Jayson Shaw

5 AM EDT - August 1 Matches

Shaun Wilkie vs Niels Feijen

S Kawabata vs Y Jalal

Hiroshi Takenaka vs A Maghsoud

Mieszko Fortuński vs Rubén Bautista Escalera

Sky Woodward vs W Szewczyk

Ralf Souquet vs O Ortmann

Nick van den Berg vs M Simenjuntak

Carlo Biado vs H Hijikata

Oscar Dominguez vs A Al Obaidli

M Sniegocki vs W Ryu Ceung

Marco Teutscher vs A Yukio

Shane VanBoening vs Francisco Olita Felicilda

S Al Remavi vs R Belleca

C Yu Lung vs A Al Shemmari

Joshua Filler vs H Yu Cheng

M Ahmed vs H Bashar



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