Raj Hundal

First Ever ‪#‎British‬ ‪#‎Asian‬ to win a ‪#‎World‬ ‪#‎Pool‬ ‪#‎Masters‬ ‪#‎Championship‬
Been in the game for the best part of 18 years..playing all over the world and representing his country

Has achieved more than most British Asians in his sport but sadly because it's not football or cricket he doesn't often get the recognition he deserves

Raj 'The Hitman' Hundal has been nominated for Male Sports Personality of the Year at one of the most recognized and prestigious awards ceremonies in the UK.

Lets get behind Raj Hundal who has remained true to his roots and click on the link below to keep those nominations coming for someone who truly deserves to be rewarded 👊🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you to those that have nominated already it's greatly appreciated 👍🏻🎱




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