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On Cue News 4 You is extremely excited and proud to be involved in this event first hand . I fly out on Wednesday to bring this news to you live Thursday late AM early PM EDT Please join us and share this post , thank you group

Here below is the Press Release from my Billiards Apparel Sponsor ( Lights Out )

Big News! As many of you may know, my cousin Zack Kosojet and I ( Jake Lawson ) started a billiards apparel company. We have signed our 1st Pro-Player to the Lights Out Billiards Apparel Brand with the help of our good friend Christopher Clark and On Cue News 4 You. I will be doing a live feed with the announcement Thursday early afternoon with the help of our friend Silvia Geroue.

We are going to bring you this news like it has never been seen before in the Billiards Industry. We will also have a special exhibition with our player... so you can see he/she in action LIVE!

Zack and I believe this is one of the best players in the WORLD, and we look forward to having a special relationship with our Pro! This is just the beginning of great things to come. Set your notifications to see us live right here on Facebook! If you know who it is, please don't post it here. Thanks :)

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