Kudos To Scott Frost

The legacy and legend of Efren (bata) Reyes... "Will live on forever"

"First off it was his choice to play me, and I am conscious of the fact that he is NOT in his prime".

This man has done more for pool in this world and has handled himself incredibly. For the last 20yrs I've had the opportunity to drive him crazy chasing him at every tournament basically like a little kid tugging on his dad's shirt to go to the park. Not one time did the man ever turn me down to play so I always felt maybe he noticed something inside me. Every time we played I wanted to impress him and if I didn't see him for 5/6 months I couldn't wait to get my chance to show him how much I had learnt. Around 12 years ago I had the chance to play him a race to 7 Onepocket getting 8/7 for 3 or 5k can't remember but the guy that was putting part of the money up about had a heart attack when I said "I don't want 8/7"! I want to play even! So I told my guy I don't care if u bet or not but I'm betting all I got and I don't want a spot! He decided to give me the money and we played the set. Low and behold I played out of my mind and beat him 7-3😚.Since that day the best has ALWAYS come out in me playing this special man 6 other times for bigger money and amazingly I won ALL SIX times!

What Efren has done for his country is simply nothing short of amazing. He has built many many homes for people that needed them and donated thousands and thousands of dollars to his countrymen. He has helped many sick people and so much more... I really don't need to go into all his titles as you can just look them up. As for me and my opinion, when this game loses Efren the game will have lost a part of me as well. He is and ALWAYS will be my hero and when we are in battle, we want to chop each other down but when that's over I go back to idolizing him to the fullest. I hope and pray he returns to our country to play for many more years to come infront of all of you.

This last match for 50k...
I hope that people understand this man is still in the top echelon of players and before we played this epic set many many people said, "Efren just won the accu-stats event and been playing un-godly in LA so I feel Frost will lose"... That's ok and I completely get that everyone has a pure right to their own opinion. But when I just beat him plz don't say "well he's just too old". Give me the credit of executing my game plan and keeping him locked down for hours and tightening his stroke up intentionally. That's all I ask...

As for Efren, he's ALL our hero and I hope to only walk a few steps in his shoes one day. And to Efren, if your reading this I love you from the bottom of my heart and you've made me who I am today.


And thank you all!!!

Scott (freezer) Frost



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