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Sidepocket Open 9 Ball Championship

Congratulations to Sky Woodward he double dips Shane Mcminn to win back to back Sidepocket titles on the way to the title he beat the likes of Jason Klatt Sam Abusalem Lost to Shane in the hot seat match then overcame giant killer Alex Calderon to seek his revenge in the finals .

First set tied at 5 - 5 Sky goes on to win 7 - 5

Sky was down 6 - 1 in the second set and wins a hill hill thriller 7 - 6 and that was with a alternate break format . Shane made the One ball at 6 - 6 but failed to hit a rail while playing safe on the 2,with ball in hand Sky calmly ran the table .

2 Calcutta's paid a total of 20,050 for first as well as 2700 for first place in the tournament

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