Major Tour Announced And Run By Darren Appleton


World 8ball Series

This will be a Players Tour Run for the players and the fans around the world.

Thanks to the people that's really helped me big time with putting this together and giving me the idea, It's something I've thought about for a long time and I feel now the right Time.

Especially Angie Appleton and Michael Hill and Manny Stamatakis

4 events

First event will be Jan 14-17th New York Steinway billiards

Grand Prix Open 
Grand Prix Challenge (2nd chance)
Players that place in top 16 main event not Eligible to play challenge event

Event 2 TBC
Matchplay Open 
Matchplay Challenge (2nd Chance)

Event 3 TDC
Grand Slam Open 
Grand Slam Challenge (2nd Chance )

Events 4 Grand Final TBC
World Series 8 Ball Championship
World Series 8ball Challenge (2nd Chance )
More money and more added money

Single Elimination both events means better payouts and long races.👍.

All events be in 🇺🇸

Be worldwide Qualifiers

Will finalize details next Week

Still lot of work to do but looking good so far 👍.

Thanks for all interest

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