Major Breaking News

Ten Ball Race to 100

In principle we have a match in place only hiccup is the date in December , it will be after the Mosconi Cup but due to the uncertainty of MatchRoom announcing an exact date for the World Cup Of Pool we just dont have a precise date in place .

Shane VanBoening reached out to me and has made a counter offer of sorts and both parties have agreed to play a race to 100 over a three day period race to 35 , 70 then 100

Buy in will be a minimum of 10 K USD with a maximum of 20k USD

Before you all run to the bank and mortgage the house on SVB it should be noted although a shorter race and less cash Roland Garcia recently beat Worlds # 1 Kevin Cheng 18 - 13 for 2k USD .

On paper SVB is the favorite especially a race to 100 but perhaps the equalizer will be Rolands home table .

Both the backers and room owners have been gracious enough to offer to fly me in to Thailand and provide hotel accommodations in order for me to bring you live coverage of this epic event it so richly deserves.

They will also provide Shane a hotel and give him the VIP treatment he has deservedly earned .

I want to thank all parties for making this possible ill bring you more details as they become available .

On Cue News 4 You will be the exclusive Pool Media platform to cover this match . Let the comments begin , Christmas in Thailand wow what a treat ,

A Quote from Roland

Yes im happy to do that and its my pleasure to play shane a world class top player 😁😁 my sponsors will be happy as well 😁

Thank you Christopher Clark