Breaking News - From Kozoom

Here is a detailed release directly from Kozoom as to why they are not streaming the World 9-Ball.

To all Pool fans who were expecting seeing Kozoom taking care of the Live Streaming coverage of the 2016 World 9-Ball Championship. To stop rumours and make it clear for everyone, let me clarify why Kozoom are not covering this championships:

Kozoom was contacted by the QBSF in order to take care of the coverage like the previous years. The budget has never been a problem in our discussions with the QBSF and we can only be glad for their loyalty and trust in Kozoom. Unfortunately, I have decided to decline this coverage because we were not able to guarantee technically an unlimited number of free viewers on our platform, which was the request of the QBSF. We had a bad experience during the final match last year and, even after improving the capacity of our platform, it was not possible to guarantee a stable and good service in case of feed cut (bandwidth capacity can be improved easily to match with the increase of viewers but not thousands and thousands of html requests). You have to understand that our platform has been built to provide PPV services to billiards community, which of course means automatically less viewers. With the World 9-Ball, we expect > 30,000 simultaneous viewers, which would mean > 40,000 if we cumulate our other events that we have to handle at the same time (3-Cushion Open in New-York and the Pool ECs in Albania). This amount of viewers all simultaneously would put the quality we provide at risk & that would not be fair to our fans. I believe that only a huge platform like Youtube could handle such audiences but taking this direction would mean we could not have provided the added features that you are used to receiving with Kozoom productions.

To conclude, please do not blame the QBSF who are still one of the best promoters of our sport over the last decade as this would be unfair & please do not blame Kozoom for not doing something we cannot guarantee today. We want to protect the quality of our service and our reputation.

Xavier Carrer
CEO Kozoom Group