Breaking News From Joy ($150K First Place)

I was at the press conference in January in China when Joy announced next years first place would be approximately $150K USD, like many I was a tad skeptical well folks its 100 percent factual, outside of snooker and not since the IPT this amount becomes the largest first place prize currently in any pool event around the world surpassing most by more then $100,000 USD .

Joy earlier this received over 300 Million CNY from major sponsors to invest , promote and give back to the game .

If this doesn't make room owners around the world want to go out and buy a table , host events as well as pool players shifting their sights on this amazing discipline then I don't know what will as the 2018 Joy Masters Champion in January will walk away with an incredible $150,000 USD .

This past January 2017 Gareth Potts won approx $45,000 USD

Practice up players because ITS ON!