Here are the four winners from Stage 1 Qualifier # 4

Left To Right

Jeffrey Ignacio , Elmer Haya , Tommy Dato-on , Richard Alinsub

Seven more players pushed through to stage 2 based on the points they accumulated in all four Quailifiers combined

1 Jeffry De Luna

2 Allan Cuartero

3 Dario Hopilito

4 Valeriano Pajuay

5 Abdullah Alsheha

6 Mohammad Alhmoud

Andreja Klasovic (Serbia)

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Kuwait Open 9 Ball Championship

Stage 1 Qualifier #2

Left to right Roland Garcia, Jundel Mazon , William Millares , Zoran James Aranay

These four players have advanced to stage 2 starting on November 2

All the players in last eight were from the Philippines

Congratulations all!

Kuwait Open 9 Ball Championships

Stage 1 Winners qualifier # 1 
Races to 7 alternate break

Group 1 
Congratulations to Oliver Bingcoy Medenilla 
he defeats Jeffrey TheBull de Luna 7 - 3

Group 2 
Congratulations Ricky Bay Gadez (Philippines)

Group 3 
Congratulations Markus Juva ( Finland ) 
Val Pajuay jr falls short losing 7 - 5

Group 4
Congratulations to Mark Anthony (Philippines) 
Ivica Putnik fell short in this winner take all format 
7 - 3

All four winners have earned a spot in the last 128 Stage 2 starting November 2

Players not advancing will have 3 more chances to get the 12 remaining spots left to fill the 128 draw

Qualifier # 2 starts 10 am local time

Group please be sure to like the Kuwait Open 9 Ball Facebook page at:

Group Please Like The Kuwait Open 9-Ball Championship Facebook Page!


Kuwait 9 Ball Open

Roland Garcia has landed and I expect nothing short of him playing Lights Out.

Best of luck Roland

Click Here for the Brackets (Stage 1 Day 1)

Kuwait 9 Ball Open Championships

Stage 1 First Qualifier of 4

On Cue News 4 You will be bringing you live scoring tomorrow from the venue as qualifying from stage 1, attempt #1 will be completed and we will have our first 4 players out of 16 available spots going to stage 2 .

A special thank you to Mohammad Alshammari for providing me with a device to use with WiFi in order to bring you the live scoring as my phone is locked and would not except the local Sim card

Shane VanBoening Trips Up A Trio Of Greats

Congratulations to Shane as he has tied Earl Strickland winning his 5th US Open including four out of the last five .

All he did today is take down Dennis Orcollo, Jayson Shaw and Chang!

Jayson almost pulled off another Houdini act as he trailed Chang 10 - 4 to see himself miss the 3 ball at ten ten and lose a heartbreaking match 11 - 10

Shane routinly beat Dennis Orcollo 11-5

Shane then finds himself down 6-0 to Jayson only to win 11 of the next 14 games for a 11-9 victory!

In the finals Shane got out of the blocks slow once again and had to erase a 3-0 lead by Chang, taking the title 13-9

Shane's road to the title:

Frankie Hernandez 11-7
John Morra 11-10
Jung Lin Chang 4-11
Thorsten Hohmann 11-6
Corey Deuel 11-4
Daryl Peach 11-7
Mike Dechaine 11-6
Brandon Shuff 11-4
Alex Pagulayan 11-9
Jeremy Jones 11-5
Dennis Orcollo 11-5
Jayson Shaw 11-9
Jung Lin Chang 13-9

That's Champion after Champion. All time great playing. Congratulations sir!

What a tremendous run by all, again great job Shane! There's another $50,000 check waiting in Kuwait, see you shortly safe travels!

Kuwait 9 Ball Open Championships

$275,000 USD total prize money

Payouts Below:

Ali Ghizlan Mohammad Alshammari Mohammad Saleh AlKhashawi

Congratulations Shane VanBoening its official
Matchroom Press Release

Art work and photo by Pictures © JP Parmentier Photo & Graphics
Shane's 10th! Congratulations to Shane Van Boening for his 10th appearance in the Mosconi Cup!
With another solid year of play on home soil as well as overseas, the South Dakota kid secures his place on the team before the rankings are put to a close.
Who will join him to go to London? We will have to wait for the conclusion of the Kuwait Open next week!
There are still a few seats left to watch Shane, Niels 'The Terminator' Feijen (Official) and the eight top players who will join them at the Alexandra Palace in London!
Get them now at

This is a Matchroom Press Release.