World 9-Ball (Day 3)

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Thirty Two players have advanced to the last Sixty Four of the Single Knockout Stage and will all have a day off to relax and reflect upon their great accomplishment .

On the other hand Sixty Four players will all be in must win matches later today to stay alive otherwise half the field will join the other Thirty Two that have exited .

Here are the scheduled must win matches .

3 AM EDT August 1

M Berjadi vs J Young Hwa

Waleed Majid vs Mario He

Karol Skowerski vs Petri Makkonen

Francis Crevier vs Jeffrey Ignacio

Bruno Muratore vs M Almin

Darren Appleton vs O Al Shaheen

Daryl Peach vs Antonio Oacan Gabica

Roberto Gomez vs Cristopher Tevez

A Koshovoj vs L Chi Dung

Y Chin Shun vs John Morra

Jeffrey De Luna vs N Oi

Can Wang vs H Saeed Ali

Imran Majid vs I Nasution

Dennis Orcollo vs C Goetemann

K Juszczyszyn vs A Rahman Al

Justin Campbell vs Jayson Shaw

5 AM EDT - August 1 Matches

Shaun Wilkie vs Niels Feijen

S Kawabata vs Y Jalal

Hiroshi Takenaka vs A Maghsoud

Mieszko Fortuński vs Rubén Bautista Escalera

Sky Woodward vs W Szewczyk

Ralf Souquet vs O Ortmann

Nick van den Berg vs M Simenjuntak

Carlo Biado vs H Hijikata

Oscar Dominguez vs A Al Obaidli

M Sniegocki vs W Ryu Ceung

Marco Teutscher vs A Yukio

Shane VanBoening vs Francisco Olita Felicilda

S Al Remavi vs R Belleca

C Yu Lung vs A Al Shemmari

Joshua Filler vs H Yu Cheng

M Ahmed vs H Bashar

World 9-Ball Update

Winners are through to the Final 64
Losers get one more chance tomorrow

Group 1
Ko Pin Yi(TPE) 9 - 5 Mario He(AUT) 
Thorsten Hohmann(GER) 9 – 7 Jeong Young Hwa(KOR)

Group 2
Chang Jun Lin(TPE) 9 – 7 Jeffrey Ignacio(PHL) 
Johann Gonzales Chua ( PHL) 9 – 4 Petri Makkonen (FIN)

Group 3
Chu Hong Ming(TPE) 9 – 7 Darren Appleton (GBR) 
Ruslan Chinakov(RUS) 9 – 4 MD Almin(BAN)

Group 4
Francisco Sanchez Ruiz (ESP) 9 - 6 Cristopher Tevez (PER) 
Albin Ouschan(AUT) 9 - 8 Antonio Oacan GabicaQAT-PHL)

Group 5
Zhou Long(CHN) 9 – 2 John Morra(CAN) 
Alex Pagulayan (CAN) 9 – 4 Luong Chi Dong(VIE)

Group 6
Karl Boyes(GBR) 9 - 3Hamzaa M Saeed Ali(ERI) 
Toh Lian Han(SIN) 9 – 5 Jeffrey De Luna(PHL)

Group 7
Ramil Gallego(PHL) 9 – 4 Dennis Orcollo(PHL) 
David Alcaide Bermudez (ESP) 9 – 8 Irsal Nasution(INA)

Group 8
Nick Ekonomopoulos(GRE) 9 - 5 Jayson Shaw (GBR) 
Ko Ping Chung(TPE) 9 – 8 Abdul Rahman Al Amar(KSA)

World 9-Ball Day 1 Review 
Doha, Qatar

WPA Press Release 
Written By Ted Lerner

The moments before the first rack on the first day of the World 9-ball Championship are never easy, even for the best of players. The tables and conditions are new and untested. Players know they only have to win two race-to-9matches to qualify for the final 64, but things in pool can easily go array as you may come out flat, or the balls might conspire against you.

Even the top players realize that just because you haven’t heard of the guy you’re paired against, it doesn’t mean you’re going to waltz into the money rounds. Indeed while 15 of the WPA’s top 20 players won their opening matches on day 1 in Doha, several big names suffered setbacks, suddenly finding themselves on the one loss side of their groups, and one more loss from unceremoniously exiting pool’s biggest stage.

After 8 hours of pool at its highest level at the Al Arabi sports club, several things stand out loud and clear. The sport of pool has never seen this many highly skilled players from so many different countries. This fact, combined with the new rule this year of racking the balls with the 9-ball on the spot instead of the 1-ball, thereby toughening up the opening break shot, means that the 2016 World 9-ball championship will surely see the world crown contested at the highest level we have ever witnessed.

All 128 players saw action in the double elimination group stages today and, as usual, it seems the Taiwanese are ready to contend yet again. Defending champion Ko Pin Yi had a layup of a match to get things started as he cruised to a 9-1 win over Algeria’s Mohamed Elraousti. As the day progressed, the Taiwanese kept notching up impressive wins, going 8 out of 10; Chang Jun Lin, Chu Hong Ming, Ko Ping Chung (Pin Yi’s younger brother), Hsieh Chia Chen, Li Wen Lo, Wu Kun Lin and Cheng Yu Husan all saw victory. Only Chang Yu Lung and veteran Yang Chin Shun lost.

Many people believe that a European will be standing in the winner’s circle next Thursday because the Europeans have been playing with the 9-ball on the spot on the Euro tour for years, and already understand this breaks shot’s unique complexities. One player in particular with good odds is 2014 World 9-ball Champion Niels Feijen of the Netherlands, who didn’t face a difficult task as he waltzed past Qatar’s Abdul Latif Al Fawal, 9-3. It’s rumored that the Dutchman has put in 1000’s of hours perfecting the break shot and has even unlocked a certain secret about its configuration.

Other notable Europeans notching victories today include two time World 9-ball Champion Thorsten Hohmann of Germany, Greece’s Nikos Ekonomopoulos, Austria’s Albin Ouschan an, and 2012 World 9-ball champion Darren Appleton. Fans looking for a relatively new European face to break through should pay attention to Britain’s Jayson Shaw. The Scotsman recently topped two very strong fields in Europe and is currently leading the points race for the European Mosconi Cup team. This is a young player who is clearly on the rise and anxious to make some waves. “My game is about as good as it’s ever been,” Shaw said after besting Iraq’s Karar Abdulwahed, 9-3. “I’m not putting any pressure on myself. There’s some seriously good players here so I’m just taking it one match at a time and trying to enjoy this atmosphere. My goal is to get into the final 16 and from there, anything can happen.”

It was a solid day for Spain as David Alcaide Bermudez Francisco Pizaarro Diaz , and Francisco Sanchez Ruiz all won. Ruis squeaked by last year’s surprise quarterfinalist from Singapore, Aloysius Yapp

The day proved downright miserable for the USA, as 5 out of six Americans in the field went down to defeat. Last year’s runner up, Shane Van Boening drew a very difficult opponent in 2011 World 9-ball champion Yukio Akagariyama of Japan. The match was close halfway, but Akagariyama, who earned entry into the tournament by winning a qualifier, pulled away to win, 9-5. Only Oscar Dominguez saved the day for the USA, but barely as he squeaked by Poland’sMateusz Sniegocki, 9-8.

As usual the Philippines has one of the largest contingents in the tournament and can be expected to go deep. Dennis Orcollo, Lee Vann Corteza Johann Gonzales Chua Jeffrey Ignacio, Ramil Gallego, Alex Pagulayan (representing Canada), and Jeffrey De Luna were some notable Pinoys who notched wins today. World number 6 Carlo Biado lost to Czech’s Roman Hybler, 9-5.

China’s powerhouse lineup performed solidly today. Former world 9-ball champion Wu Jiaqing, world number 3 Lui Haitao, Li Hewen, Dang Jinghu and three others saw victory.

One of the early revelations of this year’s world championship is just how far players from the Middle East have truly come in competitive 9-ball. In years past Middle Eastern players were just entering these big events for the experience. Now it is clear they are truly on a world class level and will soon start contending and even winning big events. And they are coming from some very surprising places. Nobody thought Iran’s Ali Maghsoud had much of a chance against Hall of Famer and multi world champion Mika Immonen , especially being down 8-5 in the race to 9. But the 27 year old from the Iranian city of Kermanshah buckled down, held his nerve and stormed back to win by a thread, 9-8. “When I was down 8-5, I just knew I was going to come back,” Maghsoud, who owns his own pool club in Iran, said afterward. “He’s a world champion but I was very positive.” Saudi Arabia showed they are a rising pool nation today as Abdul Rahman Al Amar beat Australian Justin Campbell 9-7, while Abdulla Al Shemmari took down the USA’s Hunter Lombardo 9-5. Eritrean Hamzaa M Saeed Ali, who was born and raised in Saudi and still lives there also won, defeating Japan’s Naoyuki Oi, 9-8. The 27 year old Al Almar is clearly knocking on the door to success. Last year he defeated the Philippines Johann Chua in the group stages and made it to the final 64. The former snooker player informed us that pool is actually backed by the government in Saudi and that there are currently over 14,000 registered pool players in the Kingdom. Yes, you read that right; Saudi Arabia is one of pool’s hot spots.

Even Bangladesh rode the winning wave today as MD Alim handily defeated Swedish veteran Marcus Chamat 9-4. The group stages at the 2016 World 9-ball Championship continue on Saturday at the Al Arabi Sports beginning at 10am local time(GMT +3.)

All 128 players will again see action on Day 2, with 32 players advancing into the final 64 Knockout rounds, and another 32 players heading for the exits.

The 2015 WPA World 9-ball Championship takes place at the Al Arabi Sports Club Sports Club in Doha, Qatar from July 30-August 4, 2016. The winner of the 2015 World 9-ball Championship will receive $40,000. The runner up will receive $20,000. The total prize fund is $200,000.

Memphis Open 
High Pockets 
August 3rd-7th

Who will rob this tournament with 128 touring pros at the World 9 Ball?

World 9-Ball 
Doha, Qatar

Here are 4 of the groups thus far! 
8-players 16 groups Including Jayson Shaw
12 more groups including Shane VanBoeningSky WoodwardShaun Wilkie, and  Hunter Lombardo

Matches start at 10 AM Qatar time that,s 3am EDT July 30th.

Double Elimination. Four from each group advance to last 64 Single Knockout stage on August 1st.


Before the OB Cues challenge tonight, Corey Deuel and Justin Bergman will answer a selection of the questions YOU post in CSI Facebook comments

CSI will start a Facebook LIVE session at 4pm when Justin will start answering, followed by Corey at 4:15pm.

To watch the challenge match tonight head to

For those unable to watch the stream I will be bringing you live frame by frame scoring , this coverage is Sponsored by CSI and Ozzy Reynolds .

Match starts at 8 pm est .

World 9-Ball (3rd and final chance) 
Stage 1 Qualifiers

Here are your last 4 players getting in to stage two, where 128 players will get divided in to Sixteen groups of Eight from each of those groups, Four will advance in to last Sixty Four .

Congratulations to Hiroshi Takenaka (JPN), 2011 World Champion Akagaiyama Yukio (JPN), Aoki Ryoji (JPN), and Rogelio Jr Belleca Sotero (PHL).

Day off on July 29 , then the Players meeting and draw, Stage Two starts July 30th.

Shane Sweeps CSI Events In Vegas

Shane VanBoening had a terrific week pocketing about 22K after he won both the 

US Open 10 and 8 ball tournaments as well as a race to 21 challenge match with Thorsten Hohmann 21 - 20

Up next for Shane the World 9-Ball Championships in Doha, Qatar play for him will start July 30th in stage 2!

Safe travels and best of luck Shane!

World 9 Ball Stage 1 Qualifiers: 
Here are your Four 2nd chance winners!

Congratulations to Wu Kun Lin (TPE), Ramli Gallego (PHL), Bruno Muratore(ITA) and Roberto Gomez (PHL) 2nd Chance qualifiers.

The link to the draw for Chance 3 and results is given here:

Breaking News - From Kozoom

Here is a detailed release directly from Kozoom as to why they are not streaming the World 9-Ball.

To all Pool fans who were expecting seeing Kozoom taking care of the Live Streaming coverage of the 2016 World 9-Ball Championship. To stop rumours and make it clear for everyone, let me clarify why Kozoom are not covering this championships:

Kozoom was contacted by the QBSF in order to take care of the coverage like the previous years. The budget has never been a problem in our discussions with the QBSF and we can only be glad for their loyalty and trust in Kozoom. Unfortunately, I have decided to decline this coverage because we were not able to guarantee technically an unlimited number of free viewers on our platform, which was the request of the QBSF. We had a bad experience during the final match last year and, even after improving the capacity of our platform, it was not possible to guarantee a stable and good service in case of feed cut (bandwidth capacity can be improved easily to match with the increase of viewers but not thousands and thousands of html requests). You have to understand that our platform has been built to provide PPV services to billiards community, which of course means automatically less viewers. With the World 9-Ball, we expect > 30,000 simultaneous viewers, which would mean > 40,000 if we cumulate our other events that we have to handle at the same time (3-Cushion Open in New-York and the Pool ECs in Albania). This amount of viewers all simultaneously would put the quality we provide at risk & that would not be fair to our fans. I believe that only a huge platform like Youtube could handle such audiences but taking this direction would mean we could not have provided the added features that you are used to receiving with Kozoom productions.

To conclude, please do not blame the QBSF who are still one of the best promoters of our sport over the last decade as this would be unfair & please do not blame Kozoom for not doing something we cannot guarantee today. We want to protect the quality of our service and our reputation.

Xavier Carrer
CEO Kozoom Group