Dynamic Billiard Euro Tour - Italian Open 9 Ball

Congratulations to Ralf Souquet as he has just snapped off the opening Euro Tour of the year with a field of about 190 players including the likes of Jayson Shaw Albin Ouschan Shane VanBoening and a slew of other top professionals .

On the way to the title he defeated the likes of Ivar Saris Konstatin Stepanov Damianos Giallourakis Daryl Peach and Ruslan Chinahov in the finals .

Todays title marks Ralf 22nd on the Euro tour , Eight ahead of Oliver Ortmann and Twelve more then Niels Feijen

Draw & Results Link


Images courtesy of the EPBF

Top 4 
Ralf Souquet
Ruslan Chinahov
Daryl Peach / Denis Grabe

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Congratulations to Manny Chau he is your 2017 Texas Open Ten-Ball Champion! Manny rolled through the bracket undefeated, second place went to Shane Mcminn, and John Gabriel, Dennis Orcollo & Sky Woodward rounded out the top 5.

Draw Below 

World Pool Masters Final

Congratulations to David Alcaide Bermudez as he has kept the trophy in Spain , defeating Jayson Shaw in front of a near home crowd in an incredible hill hill thriller .

David was trailing 7 - 6 and Jayson seemed in control but got out of line on the 6 and missed only to hook David the hit was made but again Jayson failed to capitalize once more he hooked David this time a spectacular jump shot was made and the table was cleared .

At 7 - 7 David broke and made a pretty routine run out although under sever pressure nothing is a guarantee as we saw earlier today with Jayson surviving vs Alex Pagulayan

Not since 2005 have we seen a hill hill final when Raj Hundal came back to beat Rodney Morris

Great win David and congratz to Jayson who falls short by the slimmest of margin

​Let’s get this bit out of the way:
I won the VA State 10 ball Championship this past weekend. It was amazing, I’m ecstatic, and so thankful to my fans and the people running it.
I am not writing this to brag, I promise.
I am writing to tell you about what changed for me this weekend. Cheryl Pritchard, a formidable player, took second this year, and nearly took the title out of my nervous, nervous hands. That was a major emotion in the finals for me and this is about how I found a work around for it (for me at least.)
First, let me tell you I wasn’t sure I wanted to drive down to Midlothian. My friends really had to twist my arm. It was a hefty entry fee ($125) plus hotel, gas, and food, and I haven’t been playing very much. Pool is a game of millimeters. It requires constant maintenance or your millimeters turn to inches (and inches lose.)  On top of that, the VA State 10 ball Championship is annual, this would be my third time here, and I hadn’t gone very far the other two times. It’s an event that tends to draw the top players in the whole region, and I had struggled with the endurance of grind matches the whole way. Playing 5 need-to-play-your-A-game matches is a lot tougher than playing 9 can-miss-a-couple matches... Click Here to read the rest of the story.
World Pool Masters, Everything You Need To Know

Gibraltar , Spain February 17 - 19

Races to 8 , winner breaks

Shane is the Two-time defending champion!

Prize Money



Shane VanBoening vs Francisco Sanchez Ruiz

David Alcaide Bermudez vs Ralf Souquet

Albin Ouschan vs Mika Immonen

Cheng Yu-Hsuan ( Kevin Cheng ) vs Naoyuki Oi

Jayson Shaw vs Wojtek Szewczyk

Alex Pagulayan Stephen Webber

Niels Feijen Omar Al Shaheen

Chang Jung Lin Mark Gray

How To Watch It On Tv

he Dafabet World Pool Masters will be broadcast live throughout on Sky Sports in the UK and the following networks worldwide:

Dazn – Germany
Dazn – Japan
Sport Klub – Poland
Viasat – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria & Baltic States
Nova – Czech Republic & Slovakia
Fox Australia
Sky New Zealand
OSN – Middle East and North Africa
Starhub – Singapore

In the UK, Sky Sports will broadcast live as below:
Friday, February 17
6pm – Sky Sports Mix*

Saturday, February 18
Midday – Sky Sports Mix*
5:30pm – Sky Sports Mix*

Sunday, February 19
Midday – Sky Sports 4
5:30pm: Sky Sports 1

*Sky Sports Mix is available to all Sky TV customers (not including NOW TV), as well as on selected Virgin Media packages. Sky Sports Mix is available to all Sky TV customers including those who do not subscribe to Sky Sports


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The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
Griff's Las Vegas
Breaking News 
CSI Press Release

This is both a Mosconi Cup Ranking Event & a WPA World Ranking Event

CueSports International

(CSI) is excited to announce several major changes to the 2017 US Open 10-Ball and US Open 8-Ball Championships.

The events will flank the 2017 BCAPL National Championships, which will be July 19-29 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The US Open 10-Ball Championship will be July 17-19 and the US Open 8-Ball Championship will be July 29-31. This gives US Open players the opportunity to also compete in three BCAPL events: the 9-Ball Challenge, July 20-21; the 10-Ball Challenge, July 22-24; and the 8-Ball Challenge, July 25-27 – each played on 7-foot tables.

Played on 9-Foot Diamond Tables at Griff’s Las Vegas!
The opening of Griff’s, a beautiful new Las Vegas pool room owned by CSI founder Mark Griffin allows CSI to return the US Open 10-Ball and US Open 8-Ball Championships to 9-foot Diamond tables.

When asked about the change, CSI Manager Ozzy Reynolds said, “The cost of transporting the 9-foot tables was simply prohibitive. However, now that we have one of the most beautiful pool rooms in the country just minutes from the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, we can move the events back to 9-foot tables, while still maintaining a connection between the professional players and the amateurs that will be competing in the BCAPL National Championships. We see this as a win-win and we are very excited about it.”

Griff’s opened in October 2016 at 3650 S. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas. The upscale pool room has eight 9-foot Diamond tables, 17 7-foot Diamond tables and a 12-foot antique Brunswick snooker/golf table. The pool room will be open 24 hours and features a full bar & kitchen with drink and dining specials.

Great Hotel Rates!
The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is offering special group rates and resort fees are not required. The Rio, located only a mile from Griff’s, also offers free parking. In addition, Griff’s will provide a free 24-hour shuttle to and from the Rio.

Mosconi Cup and WPA Points!
Both events are official ranking events for the Mosconi Cup USA team 2017. The US Open 10-Ball Championship is also a World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) points event. Players will earn WPA world-ranking points based on how they finish.

Field Limited to 64! Top 16 Seeded!
Each event is limited to 64 players and the top 16 in the field will be seeded by FargoRate. Both tournaments are double elimination, alternate breaks, played on 9-foot Diamond tables with pro-cut pockets, Simonis 860 Tour Blue cloth, and will use Cyclop Balls.

There will be $10,000 added to each event (guaranteed) with the champion of each pocketing $15,000 (based on a full field).
Register today at www.playcsipool.com/2017-us-open-championships
or call CSI at (702) 719-7665.
For more information about the 9-Ball Challenge, 10-Ball Challenge, 8-Ball Challenge and for hotel reservation information, visit www.playcsipool.com/2017-bcapl-national-championships


View the Story Here on Meredith's Blog Page

Another great article from Meredith Lynch about the Derby City Classic.

Chasing the Moment at the Derby
This year’s Derby City Classic was not only my first, but a rare and special tournament. It is always a world class event, arguably the toughest field open to all, but the big matches from this year were historic, personal, and triumphant stories. It was not just another tournament. I unfortunately seemed destined to be in the right room turned the wrong way every time, but got at least a contact high from being near them. The games played at the Derby are not only the typical fast paced, simple rules nine ball, but also its quirky cousin, nine ball banks, the challenging bigfoot 10 ball (a larger table and tighter rules), the unique, precise one pocket, and old fashioned (but my favorite) straight pool. I stuck mostly to my favorite in spectating...read more.

Super Billiard Expo 
March 30th to April -2nd

All the info you need below including payouts

One Pocket:



And for any ladies reading here, the Women's Pro 9-Ball:

If anyone has any questions, I'll try to answer here if I can - or send an email to info@superbilliardsexpo.com or call (609)652-6116

Thanks again, and best of luck to you!

Allen Hopkins